Pre-EB CUTLASS 1 & 11


Cutlass 1. Courtesy Renaud in France.

CUTLASS 1  [Sting Ray with Graphite Neck] (1983 - 1984).

Cutlass 1 Bass.

The graphite neck was first introduced late 1982 (per Oct 1982 catalogue) but not named Cutlass until 1983. The logo "Cutlass" (rare) first appeared before the "Cutlass 1" logo. Necks are dated from 1983 to 1984. Cutlass 1 Basses use either strings-through-body bridges or top-load bridges and either 3 bolt or 4 bolt neck plates. Approx 600 made.

B015185..Neck "M/1/84" (1984). Body 28th (month unknown) 1979.Strings through body. 3 bolt neck (Cliff Williams. AC/DC).
B016022..Body date Dec 1983. Black. 3 bolt neck. Strings through body.
B019361..Black with Black pg. Fretless neck. Strings through body. No Dates except for 1979 pots...Vol pot ?LM2776 - 25K ? A?. Treble Pot ?R1377919?. Bass pot ?LM2777A R1377918?.
B020678..Neck 1983 and marked “C-3-495” and “m-11-83”. Body July 1979. Black with 3 bolt neck and strings through body.
B020741..1983. Natural with Black pg.
B020805..Neck marked M-1-84 (1984). Body June 1979. Black. 3 bolt neck. Strings through body. Mark O’Toole “Frankie Goes To Hollywood”.
B021449..Owner says 1979 or 1980 (Body). Natural. Black pg. 3 bolt neck. Strings through body bridge.
B021614..Bought new in 1984. White.
B021850..3 Mar 1983. White. Black pg. Top Load Bridge. 4 Bolt Neck.
..1983. Natural. 4 bolt neck. Purchased 1984 in Montreal.
B021983..1983. White. Blk pg.

B0219xx..1983. Natural. Top load bridge. 4 bolt neck.
B022038..1983. White. White pg. Top load bridge.

B022092..1983. Sunburst.
B022109..Neck"C.356 M-8-83". Body 28 July 1983. Pots "1377822", "1378226" and "1378009". Cherry Red with Clear pg.
B022203..1983. Red with clear pg.
B022298..Neck 1983. Black.
B022304..Body 30 March 1983. Trans Red . Black pg. 4 bolt neck. Top load bridge. No marking on rear of neck.
B022338..Neck in black marker writing: G1 482. M-11-83 (maybe May?). Body pencil marked 5/19/83. Volume pot code 21st week of '82. Middle pot code 28th week of '81. Black body. Black pg.
B022352..Neck 9th (month unreadable) 1983 Neck also reads "G3 453". Body 12 May 1983. Black. Black pg.
B022354..Neck Reads "162". Body 14 April 1983. Top load bridge. Black. Black pg. 
B022376..Neck in marker pen "0029". Body 4 Apl 1983. Natural.
B022397..Neck marked M-9-83 (1983). Body 18 July 1983. Black. Mark O’Toole “Frankie Goes To Hollywood”.
B022416..1983. Black with Black pg.
B022461..Neck Date14 Sept 1983 (written in marker pen). Body date stamp15 Sep 1983. Black body and black pg. Brass nut. Owner believes original. 4 bolt neck. Metal screw-on battery cover. 2 Band EQ. Sting Ray B021384 owned by same person. Mark O’Toole “Frankie Goes To Hollywood”.
B022512...Neck c4-441 m-9-83. Body 7/28/83 DC. Black with Black pg. Top load Bridge. Re-fitted with 1996 pre-amp 3 band EQ. However, a jack appears underneath body (original body???). Bartolini PUP. Tuned BEAD.

B022557...1983. Black with Black pg. Four bolt neck. Topload bridge.
B022673...Described as an "80's" Cutlass. Black with Black pg.
B022692..1983. Blueburst with Black pg. Owner believes finish to be original. Pg has a matt finish (original???). Ash Body. Neck licensed by modulus.
B022746..Early 1980s. Natural. 4 bolt neck. Top load Bridge. Has newer rear headstock logo (made by MM under license from Modulus).
B022760..Neck Aug 1983. Body 23 Jun 1983. Production sequence number 041. Black with black pg. Neck reads "Manufactured by Music Man Inc. under license from Modulus Graphite Products".
B023022..1983. Black.
B023033..July/Aug 1983. Black body.
B023101..Believed to be 1983. Described as Cherry Red. Clear pg. Serial on bridge along with patent numbers "4031719". Back of headstock "Manufactured by MUSIC MAN INC under licence of Modulus Graphite Products. U.S. Patent 4145948".
B023126..1983. Black with Black pg. 4 bolt neck.
B023151..Owner believes circa 1980. Natural. Black pg.
B023197..1983. No other info.
B023256..Body 1980. Black. Black pg. Top load bridge.
B02340x..1983-84 (?). Sunburst Body. Black pg.


B020454..Black with Black pg. 3 bolt neck. Strings through body.
B022358..Black with Black pg.
B022646..Black with Black pg.

CUTLASS 11  [SABRE with Graphite Neck] (1983-1984).

Cutlass 11 Bass. Courtesy of Nicola (Italy).

Approx 300 made.

C003342..Neck Sept 1983. Body 28 July 1983. Trans Red. Blk pg.
C003343..1983. One of three prototypes. Displayed at the Chicago NAMM Show 18-21 June 1983. Originally White. As finish began coming off, body replaced with a Black finish. One of the other prototypes given to band “Alabama”.
C004580..Body 18 Aug 1983. Black, Black pg.
C004899..1983. Month of year not available. Black with Black pg. Top load bridge.
C004939..1983 (circa). Black with Black pg. Lever switch electronics. Soapbar PUPs. Teardrop case.
C005309..Neck Aug 1983. Body 18 Aug 1983. Black.
C005666..Neck 18 Aug 1983. Black with Black pg. Lever switch electronics. Soapbar PUPs.
C005711..1983. Natural with Blk pg.
C005823..1983. Trans Red. Clear pg.
C005845..1983 (circa). Natural. Lever switch electronics. Soapbar PUPs. 3 bolt neck.


C006226..White. Black pg.
C004246..Trans Red. Black pg. 4 bolt neck. Soapbar Pups. Lever switch electronics.