Hangtag Manual

(as from Sept 1978)

Attached to the necks of new Pre-EB
instruments. Measurements: 4 1/4" x 5 1/2".



Bullet Truss Nut (Sting Ray & Sabre)

Bullet truss nut. Available from Ernie Ball's Customer Service. Part number: "M0 5470".


Hex Wrench (Allen Key) Sizes


Bullet Truss Nut: 1/8 inch (including Sabre).

Bridge Side Bolts: 1/8 inch.


Neck Tilt: 3/32 inch (including Sabre).


String Saddle Height Screws: 5/64 inch (Including Sabre).


For Ernie Ball Sting Rays.

Bullet Truss Nut: 1/8 inch.

Bridge Side Bolts: 1/8 inch.


Grub screws on control knobs: 5/64 inch.


String saddle height screws: 1/16 inch.


Suggested Initial Pickup Setting


Adjust in play position: seated with instrument on lap.


While depressing E string at last fret (pickup end of neck), measure 4/32 inches from bottom of string to top of pickup magnet.


Do same with G string but aim for 3/32 inches (plus or minus) for even volume across all four strings.


(For Sabre Bass: do the above for both pickups. After adjustments the neck pickup will (and should) sit lower than bridge pickup).