Nicola Fiorotto (Italy).

Above 6 pics: 1981 Sabre. Note the Walnut plug (rear of headstock beneath E tuner)
which is a characteristic of early 1981 to early 1982 necks.


The first "Inca Silver". Documented and dated 1976.


1976 - 1977 with "Radio" knobs.


Rare Fretless Maple dated 1977.


Fretless Rosewood dated 1979. "Walnut" finish.


Fretless Ebony Sabre dated 1979.


Above 2 pics: A four bolt neck with strings-through-body bridge. Circa 1982.


1983 Cutlass 11 (Sabre with a graphite neck).


1983 Cutlass 1 (Sting Ray with a graphite neck).


Above 5 pics: Rare 1983 Fretless "Cutlass". Also with  rarer first version headstock logo 
("Cutlass" and not "Cutlass 1") and related rear decal ("Manufactured by Modulus"
rather than "Manufactured by Music Man under license by Modulus").


Above 6 pics: A 1982 Pre-EB Japanese "XV" Sting Ray. Assembled in Japan with
Music Man parts. The same B0xxxxx serials are used. Note the absence
of "Sting Ray Bass" after "Music Man"
on the headstock logo.